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Womens March on Washington
CWAers – women and men – are coming to Washington, D.C., on January 21, to join the Women's March on Washington, a megarally and march, the day after the presidential inauguration.. read more

Christie Signs Legislation Requiring Quarterly Pension Payments
Below please find a statement from CWA NJ State Director Hetty Rosenstein on Governor Christie today signing legislation requiring quarterly pension payments.. read more

The Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court repudiated Governor Christie’s Job Banding Rule and all amendments, reversing all NJ Civil Service Commission (CSC) decisions implementing the rule.. read more

The nominations process for selecting Trustees to serve on the PERS (Public Employee Retirement System) Board is currently underway. It is imperative that every eligible public employee participates in order to ensure a secure retirement future.. read more

Send A Letter To Cap Out-Of-Network Charges!

Legislation is advancing in the Senate and Assembly that would crackdown on out-of-network health insurance charges, saving more than $1 billion every year for consumers, businesses, and taxpayers. Research by New Jersey Policy Perspective (NJPP) shows that about 168,000 consumers every year directly receive egregious charges for involuntary out-of-network services.

As a result of this billing practice, most of New Jersey’s five million privately insured health care consumers end up paying higher premiums. NJPP’s research finds that the added cost to consumers statewide is as much as $1 billion dollars every year. Trying to keep pace with rising health care costs is hard enough already without having to worry about being charged $35,000 for a one night hospital stay, as has been reported in our state.

This type of price gouging not only hurts consumers, businesses, and taxpayers, but undermines our entire health care system. Union members – public, private, and building trades – would benefit from reining in out-of-network charges due to lower costs for public health insurance plans and lower costs for self-insured plans. We are counting on your support to advance this critical bill, promoting patient care and cost fairness.

Legislative Update
On 11/21/16, both the Senate and the Assembly passed a bill (S-2810/A-4) that would require the State of New Jersey to fund the pension system.. read more

Healthcare Changes and Updates
There are significant changes to the State Health Benefits Plan (SHBP) for 2017 . Your employer will distribute open enrollment information during the month of October and before January. We are publishing some beginning information so that you can begin evaluating your health care needs and determine if any changes are appropriate.. read more

Listen to Sept. 14 Tele-Town Hall Call
Missed last nights tele-town hall call? No worries, click here to listen to last nights call!

Reminder: TeleTown Hall/Membership Meeting On Sept. 14
On Wednesday, September 14 at 7pm we will be calling thousands of CWA members to bring you up to date on critical information on our fights to protect public worker pensions and benefits and issues affecting CWA's public workers.. read more 

CWA Local 1038 Notice of Nominations
Please Click Here To View.

Important Constitutional Amendment Update, Please Read.
Please Click Here To View.

Constitutional Amendment Update.
As you know, Monday was the last scheduled voting session for the State Senate. Dozens of CWA members, retirees, staff and leaders were joined by other public sector union members at the Statehouse to demand that the Constitutional Amendment to ensure pension payments be put up for a vote and passed in the Senate.. read more  

CWA Statement of IFPTE Local 195's Tentative Agreement.
Please Click Here.

*UPDATE* Call Your Legislators and Tell Them to Vote Yes on the Constitutional Amendment
Right now, the NJ State Legislature is considering legislation - SCR2 and ACR109 - which would place a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot this November to guarantee pension payments for the state's public worker pension system.. read more

Constitutional Amendment Out of Committee, Don't Forget to Vote Today.
Yesterday (6/06/16), the Assembly Judiciary Committee released the Constitutional Amendment that would guarantee quarterly pension payments out of committee.. read more

Petition: Stop Giving Pension Money to Wall Street Hedge Funds
Under Governor Chris Christie, fees paid to Wall Street money managers have skyrocketed. More than $700 million a year goes from public worker pension systems to hedge fund managers to invest in high-priced alternative investments.. read more 

New Membership Meeting and Upcoming Labor Walks
There will be a membership meeting on April 21, 2016 at 6:00 pm at the Pennsauken Country Club. We will be discussing the upcoming labor walks, constitutional amendment.. read more

Updates on TeleTown Hall (Postponed), Labor Walks, and Increments.
Governor Christie has appealed the Appellate Court decision that overturned the PERC decision that stopped increments.. read more

Upcoming Labor Walks for the Constitutional Amendment
CWA is starting its mobilization effort to ensure that we pass the Constitutional Amendment to guarantee that the state makes quarterly payments into the Pension Fund. Labor walks will be from.. read more

Important Updates on Increments and More
Public sector unions won the appeal of the PERC decision that took away increments "without" a contract in the Appellate Division on 3/09/16. "The commission exceeded its authority when it determined.. read more

Temporary Dues Increase Vote Results: Click Here

Members Vote. Temporary Dues Increase of 50 cents a week for the Constitutional Amendment Fight. Voting is 24 hours a day, February 22 - March 4 ending at 5:00 p.m.
Facing our greatest challenge yet: Saving the Public Pension System. Every CWA member knows that we have been fighting a pension campaign legally, politically, and legislatively to: 1. Force the State of New Jersey to make its payments. 2. Stop the wasting of precious pension dollars on huge fees and bonuses to external Wall St. financiers.. read more

Possible Credit Card Breach at Shop Stewards Training in AC. Tele-Town Hall Call Tonight.
Dear Members, If you have shopped and used your card at the following locations between the listed dates, your credit/debit card may have been breached.. read more

Tele-Town Hall, Feb. 3rd

In just 30 minutes, we will report the most recent information on the Pension Constitutional Amendment campaign, including the progress of the amendment and the next steps. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and for you to give us feedback on the call.. read more

Legislative Update

On Monday 1/11/16, two significant updates on matters affecting CWA members took place. The Legislature approved resolutions (SCR-184/ACR-3) to put a question on the November 2016 ballot.. read more

2016 General Membership Meetings Schedule
The Local 1038 general membership meetings for 2016 have been scheduled.. read more

Leah's Law Passes, Constitutional Amendment Progress, CWA Endorsement
Our 1038 sister Leah Coleman joined Senator Ron Rice on the Senate floor where he testified in support of the legislation stating, "Not one of us should vote against this legislation that protect public workers.".. read more

Tele-Town Hall Call Tonight: Leah's Law: Constitutional Amendment
Leah's Law will be voted on in the Assembly (1:00 pm) and the Senate (2:00 pm) tomorrow. Come and show your support.. read more

Statement from CWA NJ Director on Constitutional Amendment
When the NJ Supreme Court allowed Governor Christie to break both his word and his own law by refusing to fund the pension, we said we our union would never permit the destruction of the pension system.. read more

Leah's Law and PERS Board Petition
On Monday, 11/16/15, our fight to protect workers at the Department of Children and Families took a great leap forward with Assembly committee unanimously approving Leah's Law. The legislation now heads to a Senate committee... read more

Not So Fast DCF

Last week, the Christie administration put out a notice that it had negotiated a deal with the federal court monitor supervising the Department of Children and Families child welfare reform. Gov. Chris Christie and DCF Commissioner Allison Blake claim the deal gave them an exit plan to get out from court supervision. However, the state still isn't ready for court supervision to end... read more

NJ Executive Branch October Bargaining Report
As you have heard before, the Bargaining Committee decided that since the Administration failed to notify us of its intent to bargain, we are maintaining our position that the Contract has not expired, but rather, as the Contract language clearly states... read more

General Memebership Meeting
Dear Members, please be reminded that there is a general membership meeting on 10/14/15 from 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm at our local office located on 15 W. Front St. Trenton, NJ 08608.

Statement from CWA to all DCF workers on Safety
On 10/7/2015 calls were made to DCF making death threats directed at several DCF offices.  CWA is not satisfied with the management response to these threats: Management responded by having the Local police check on the four offices were the calls were made. That is not sufficient.  Sick individuals threatening 4 offices could easily have... read more

Position of the Union side of the State Health Benefits Plan Design Committee on Tiered Network Plans being developed by Horizon and AETNA
Every year, the State Health Benefits Plan (SHBP) Design Committee reviews the plans that are offered to the hundreds of thousands of participants. This year, the Union side of the Plan Design Committee... read more

Member Poll: Who Should CWA Endorse for U.S. President?
Dear Colleagues: To ensure CWA members have direct input on the Union's decision for endorsement of a candidate for U.S. President, the CWA National Executive Board has established a website... read more

Miss the Tele-Town Hall? Listen Here!
Collective Bargaining with State Workers and Verizon Workers Our legal fights to protect the pension, increments and for the Christie Administration to uphold civil service laws. Our latest appeal to the United States Supreme Court... read more

General Membership Meeting
Dear 1038 Members, Please be reminded that we will be having a General Membership Meeting at the Pennsauken Country Club on Sept. 16th from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm... read more

State Worker Bargaining Update
Our last update was 7/1/2015 and it has been an eventful summer (although not at the bargaining table itself.) The last update explained that the Christie Administration has refused to pay our increments or Clothing Allowance after “expiration” of the 7-1-2011 through 6-30-2015 Contract... read more

CWA Appeals to U.S. Supreme Court on Pension Funding
CWA along with NJEA, PFANJ, IFPTE, PBA, FOP, AFT and others has filed a petition with the United States Supreme Court to appeal the June decision by the NJ Supreme Court in the pension funding case. Below you will find the full text of the petition... read more

Letter To DCF Workers About Safety
On July 15, 2015, two Salem County workers were seriously assaulted while trying to affect a removal.  Although we believe that they are okay and will make a full recovery, make no mistake about this: these workers could have been killed... read more